Aaron Clutter

Project Responsibilities/Expertise:

  • QA/QC Reviews
  • Property Owner Coordination Assistance

Short Biography:

Mr. Clutter will lead coordination efforts for property owner meetings and discussions. Mr. Clutter was selected for his vast experience in negotiating property acquisitions and roadway, right-of-way.  Mr. Clutter has developed, managed, designed, and provided construction services for over $300 million in construction projects including highways, roadways, interchanges, railroads, bridges, water and waste water treatment systems, water and wastewater infrastructure, and regional drainage improvements including storm sewer, box culverts, channels, water quality ponds, and retention and detention ponds.

For the last 10 years, Mr. Clutter has been serving as the program manager for the $80 million 104th Corridor Improvement project.  This project has required extensive property owner coordination for right-of-way and construction easement acquisitions, property impacts, and access control. In total, the project has involved over 100 properties.