JR Engineering served as the Civil Engineer and Surveyor for the conversion of a Private Roadway with Private Water system to Pubic Road and Water. Negotiations with the City of Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Utilities throughout the process was integral to the project’s success. There were numerous public facility easements that needed to be vacated in order to un-encumber developable area. Additionally, there are multiple landowners adjacent to the private road that needed to be involved in the process.

The existing private road had an existing visitor parking lot associated with Cook Communications. The parking area needed to be relocated to ensure that visitors were not backing out into a public right of way. During the process of designing the public roads it was discovered that the City of Colorado Springs had created a drainage issue over the course of years of roadway maintenance. The property worked with the City, with JR as the prime negotiator, to fix the issue and share in the cost.

JR is currently providing surveying and construction support services for the project. 

Cook Communications Private to Public Conversion

       JR Engineering