JR Engineering

Committed to Work/Life Balance

We support a "family" atmosphere where we expect and recognize hard work and commitment.  We encourage all of our employees to be creative and look for innovative solutions for our clients.

At JR Engineering, we work hard to provide the best customer service in the industry to all of our clients.  Our company activities, however, help us to ensure that we have enough time to enjoy ourselves and our families.

Our company events are ever changing, in order

to reflect the interest and excitement of our team.

A few of our regular activities include:

  • Annual Ski Trip
  • Annual Company Picnic
  • Annual Holiday Party
  • Lunch Hour Potlucks
  • Halloween Chili Cook Off
  • Fantasy Football Leagues
  • Bowling
  • Lazer Tag & Putt Putt
  • Top Golf
  • Company Sponsored Golf Leagues
  • Company Sponsored Softball Leagues