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Crystal Valley Ranch Sanitary Sewer Outfall

Crystal Valley Ranch Sanitary Sewer Outfall Castle Rock, CO


JR Engineering designed the Crystal Valley Ranch Sanitary Sewer Outfall, which included approximately 9,500 linear feet of sanitary sewer to convey wastewater from proposed single-family residential development to an existing interceptor located approximately one mile away.  The proposed sanitary sewer line paralleled two existing drainageways, which were undergoing concurrent improvement.  The combination of sanitary sewer and drainage channel are located in an open space tract adjacent to a regional trail.

The Crystal Valley Ranch Sanitary Sewer Outfall required an update to the development’s Master Utility Study for updated wastewater loading and pipe sizing, as well as a detailed hydraulic analysis of the system in conformance with the Town of Castle Rock’s Wastewater Collection Design Criteria Manual.  The proposed sanitary sewer outfall was reviewed and approved by the Town of Castle Rock.

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