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Malley Dr. Traffic Signal & E. 112th Ave Crosswalk Improvements


JR Engineering led a design-build team with WL Contractors for the design and construction of traffic signal improvements at Malley Drive and Highline Drive intersection.  The project also included safety improvements to the 112th Avenue and Larson Drive intersection located near a regional elementary school.  Both intersections had safety concerns and frequent accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians.  Pedestrian safety at the Malley Dr. intersection was further compromised due to the Farmers Canal trail crossing located just 40 feet east of the intersection.  The trail was realigned to cross at the intersection and a new traffic signal was installed.  The project also installed fiber optic interconnect to communicate with the master controller located on Washington Street.

For the 112th Ave. and Larson Dr. intersection several safety improvement options were evaluated including in-ground flashing crosswalk lights.  Based on the review and the City’s available budget a traditional school crossing was installed with advanced flashing warning signs.

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