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Meridian Lift Station H Improvements

Meridian Lift Station H Douglas County , CO 


 JR Engineering prepared the design and construction documents for the Meridian Lift Station H to serve a lift basin within the Meridian Metropolitan District.  The lift station will serve 280 single-family homes, 242 units of multi-family, and nearly 200,000 square feet of commercial development at full build-out.

The 0.448 MGD Lift Station includes a 28 foot deep wet well, four 175 gpm submersible pumps, twin 4” force mains, flow metering, wastewater macerator, auxiliary diesel/natural gas generator and controller with telemetry.  The station was designed to Meridian Metropolitan District standards as the District will own and operate the station.  The station and collection system was approved by Meridian Metropolitan District, the Colorado Department of Health and Environment, Douglas County, Tri-County Health, and the Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority.

JR Engineering provided construction management for the construction phase of the project.

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