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RidgeGate Pkwy & Meridian Village Pkwy
Traffic Signal

RidgeGate Pkwy & Meridian Village Pkwy Traffic Signal
Lonetree, CO

JR Engineering designed new traffic signals at the intersection of RidgeGate Parkway and Meridian Village Parkway in Douglas County.  The signalized intersection ultimately serves the Meridian Village development to the north and the new Stepping Stone development to the south.

JR worked with the County to develop several innovative features for the traffic signals.  These features included Wavetronix radar detectors for dilemma zone detection, infrared vehicle detection, and radio communication with the existing traffic signals at Lincoln Avenue and Chambers Road.  The signals were also designed so that the new flashing yellow arrow indication for permissive left turns could be easily added in the future.

Pedestrians utilize underpasses to cross the west and north legs of the intersection, and at-grade crossings are provided on the south and east legs.  JR configured pedestrian ramps and pedestrian signage to help pedestrians correctly utilize the crossings.

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