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Timberleaf Neighborhood & Natural Area Parks

Timberleaf Natural Area Park & Wetland Restoration

Thornton, CO


JR Engineering worked with DR Horton and the City of Thornton on the Timberleaf Community Open Space, Neighborhood and Natural Area Parks located within the Timberleaf Subdivisions.  The project included the design of over 17 acres of passive open space, streetscape landscape a 4.7 acre Neighborhood Park and 2 acre Natural Area Park & Wetland Viewing Plaza. Each Park is connected by an extensive network of on-site and off-site pedestrian/bike trails linking the two parks with numerous open space areas, the City’s Regional Trail network, the adjacent residential neighborhoods and nearby schools.  The Timberleaf trail system when complete will allow residents of Timberleaf and other nearby communities to walk or bike on nearly 5 miles of paved off-street trails.  The Neighborhood Park includes the design of a 650 square foot picnic pavilion, multi-use open turf play fields and structured play areas specially designed for children 2 years through 12 years of age.  The Natural Area Park and Wetland Viewing Plaza includes a series of ADA accessible soft walking trails leading to a raptor and wetland viewing plaza with a shade pavilion, boulder play area, several hammock lounge areas, raptor nesting boxes and perches within a natural bio-diverse landscape community of upland meadow grasslands, foothill plants and wildflower meadows. Extensive stakeholder meetings and municipal collaboration was performed throughout the productive design phases of the project.  The stakeholders included nearby residents, City of Thornton, Adams County Parks, Adams County School District and the Mile High Flood Control District.

The 17 acres of Open Space Landscape, Park and Environmental Reclamation is currently under construction with completion scheduled by mid - 2021.

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