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Trolley Station

Trolley Station, Mixed-Use Development

The proposed Trolley Station mixed-use development is located at the northwest corner of Colfax Avenue and Airport Boulevard in Aurora, CO. The property owner is CCBB Development Corporation. The owner’s vision for the property is to create a mixed-use development with a focus on character and sustainability. The primary use envisioned for the property is an assisted living facility which will be at the “core”. This is planned to be located within the central and northern areas. Other secondary uses considered for the property are to wrap the Airport and Colfax frontage corridors with commercial/retail uses and potentially to incorporate a “use” that might include components of multi-family residential and medical clinics in the northwest area.

JR Engineering completed a review of the traffic impacts of the proposed Trolley Station project. JR prepared a Traffic Impact Study (TIS) is to assess the short-term and long-term effects of the proposed development project on both the local and regional transportation system. Recommendations included a new traffic signal at Colfax and Norfolk, lane geometry improvements at the access points, signage improvements, and signal timing modifications at Airport and Colfax. JR prepared the Master Site Plan, Master Drainage Report, and Final Plat for Filing No. 1. The City is currently reviewing the submittals, and the final design phase is anticipated to begin in late 2016.

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