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Zone 3 Waterline Extension

Zone 3 Waterline Extension
Erie, CO


The Town of Erie’s 2013 Water Master Plan identified the need for a Zone 3, 24-inch transmission waterline from the existing 16-inch waterline at the intersection of Vista Parkway and County Line Road to the intersection of Vista Parkway and Parkdale Circle.  In addition to the new 24-inch transmission waterline, a connection between the new line and an existing 8-inch waterline in Cessna Drive was identified.

The 24-inch transmission waterline is needed to meet the existing and future demand for water supply to the Town’s 1.5-MG and new 4-MG water storage tanks for Zone 3.  The connection to the existing 8-inch waterline in Cessna Drive is to eliminate a dead-end water line to improve water quality and supply purposes.

JR Engineering completed the preliminary design phase of the project, which included an analysis of four alternatives for the waterline alignment.  Construction schedules, construction cost estimates, pros, and cons were also reviewed for each alignment alternative.  The Town ultimately selected an alignment that followed an existing drainage channel and would be less impact on vehicular traffic on Vista Parkway during construction.

After the preliminary design phase, JR completed the topographic survey for the waterline corridor.  JR utilized Underground Consulting Solutions (UCS) to pothole 11 existing utilities, which would cross the new 24-inch water line.
JR recently completed the final design and construction documents for the project.  The final waterline alignment included 6400 feet of 24-inch PVC waterline, 1600 feet of 8-inch PVC waterline, one bored crossing of the Coal Creek, and two bored crossings of drainage channels.  The Town is currently acquiring temporary and permanent easements for the waterline, and construction is anticipated for the winter and spring of 2017.

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