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Kechter Farm Residential

Kechter Farm Residential Community
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Project: Single-family & Multi-family Neighborhoods

Kechter Farm Neighborhoods are surrounded by meandering open spaces, miles of trails, and Fossil Creek Reservoir. Kechter Farm Filing 2 is a 200 lot, single-family residential subdivision located in Fort Collins, Colorado. JR’s Kechter Farm Filing 2 professional services included civil engineering and survey work to acquire Final Development Plan approvals through Larimer County and City of Fort Collins.  The approved Final Development Plan included civil engineer and landscape architecture construction drawings, final platting and storm drainage master reporting.The professional services that JR Engineering performed to achieve approvals and construct the infrastructure on this project included: site survey work, grading and earthwork modeling, master drainage study, storm drain and utilities design, roadway design and easement dedications; as well as annexation and zoning maps.

The unique challenge that this project posed, was that Filing 1 of Kechter Farm had already been designed and was under construction, while the final construction drawings that we were preparing for Filing 2 were being created.  The reason that this was difficult, is that the Filing 1 subdivisions were spread out and non-contiguous across the site.  This circumstance required that the Filing 2 plans needed to tie-in to varying boundary conditions, while still meeting the intent of the approved Preliminary development Plan drawings.  Essentially, all five areas that made up the Filing 2 subdivision, required engineering as four separate infill projects.

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